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With the Duplicate Epic Clone app for Jira server you get the additional functionality to clone an epic together with all issues in that epic. The standard clone functionality in Jira only lets you clone the epic issue with (optionally) attachments, links or sub-tasks. Issues which are linked to the epic by the epic link field can't be cloned together with the epic within the same clone process.

Use Case for Duplicate Epic


The demand for having an epic clone Duplicate Epic feature in Jira mostly comes up if a template epic exists with a lot of issues inside, which needs to be reused from time to time. If you would use the standard Jira clone function you need to clone the epic and all the issues separately and then link the cloned issues to the cloned epic manually. It can be imagined that this could become time consuming especially if you have a template epic with a lot of issues inside.

The Duplicate Epic



The Duplicate Epic Clone app provides the possibility to clone a template epic together with all the issues inside in one action with just a few clicks.

After downloading and installing of Duplicate Epic Clone on your Jira instance, an additional menu item will appear in the more menu of issues with epic issue type. This menu item is only visible in epics. In other issue types it won't appear in the more menu.