The page with the project milestones can be found in each project on the left sidebar. When it is opened for the first time, no milestones exist. You can simply add milestones by clicking on the create milestone button in the top right corner. The following dialog appears and you can insert the milestone details

  • Title

  • Description

  • Start date

  • Completion date

Create milestone dialog

After creating a milestone, it appears in the list. The list is sorted by completion date. For each milestone a checkbox exists with which the milestone can be marked as completed. If you do so, the background changes to green. If you hover over the title, the description is displayed as additional information. Furthermore, you see the planned start and completion date, and a status.

The status can have one of the following values:

  • NEW Milestone created and no issue mapped to it

  • IN PROGRESS Issues are mapped to the milestone and not all of them are resolved

  • READY Mapped issues are all resolved, meaning the milestone is ready to be completed

  • COMPLETED Milestone has been marked as completed

By clicking on the edit icon, you can modify the details of each milestone. If issues are mapped, an expand icon is displayed on the right. Click it to expand the list of issues with information like key, summary, status or resolution.

Milestone with issue list expanded

To map other issues to the milestone click on the map issues button to open the respective dialog.

Map issues dialog

You have 2 options here. Either pick issues in the select list on top to map them to the milestone. Or do that automatically by checking the checkbox below. When opening the dialog, you get immediately displayed which issues from the current project have a due date between start and completion date of the milestone you want to assign issues to. In the example above, those would be 5. If you decide to add them automatically, you don’t have to select them all in the select list. When the checkbox is checked, the select list above is automatically disabled and no more issues can be picked there.

You can also display and edit the mapping directly in an issue. See this page for details: Issue Panel