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User Availability JQL Functions

The app provides a powerful JQL function to search for issues with users in user fields who aren’t available.

The following screenshot shows an example for searching for issues assigned to users who aren’t in today.

JQL Function without argument

If no argument is provided like in this case, not available users for today will be searched.

assignee in notAvailableUsers()

This works not only for assignee field, but also for other user fields like reporter or user picker custom fields.

reporter in notAvailableUsers()
"single user picker cf" in notAvailableUsers()

Replace “single user picker cf” with the name of the custom field you want to search for not available users.

JQL Function with argument

It is also possible to use the JQL function with an argument. You can provide specific dates as argument to search for users not available on this specific date. For assignee it looks like this

assignee in notAvailableUsers("2021-04-02")

It will return issues assigned to users who aren’t available on April 2nd 2021. This is especially interesting if you have an important deadline to meet. You can search in advance who has planned absences on that day but assigned issues. Reassign them to ensure that they will be resolved and you can reach your deadline.

The same works also for a time period (from date - to date). The JQL function for a time period would look like this

assignee in notAvailableUsers("2021-04-02","2021-04-06")

It will return all issues assigned to users who are not in from April 2nd to April 6th 2021.

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