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App usage statistics

The page in the Jira system administration can only be accessed by Jira system administrators.

From version 5.0.0 you can enable app usage tracking in the Jira system administration. To do so, go to Apps → Manage Apps → Duplicate Epic

When you access the page for the first time, usage tracking is disabled.


Usage statistics tracking disabled

If you enable the toggle, the usage tracking starts from that time onwards. The change is saved instantly and you will see a success flag when the tracking is enabled.


Without any data tracked yet, there is nothing to display. You can see below the toggle when the settings have been changed.


No data collected yet

The data can be refreshed with the button on top. After some time of tracking, the data is displayed in the table.


Duplication data

The table can be sorted based on the different columns. You can filter on top either for current month or year, or by specific project, month or year.

App opened is counted every time the duplicate epic screen is opened by any user. Sometimes, the dialog might be opened, but no duplication will be done. Then the number of app opened and Epics duplicated are not equal. The number of duplications is only counted for successful runs. If creation fails for some reason, the respective number isn’t increased.

Please note that Duplicate Epic is built with Atlassian Forge, which means that the app is running on Atlassian infrastructure. Also the app data about usage that is stored will be stored on Atlassian infrastructure and no data will leave your instance at any time.

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