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Epic Clone

On these pages you find the documentation for the Epic Clone App for Jira Cloud.

What does epic Clone do?

With Epic Clone you get the additional functionality to clone an issue together with all child issues. The standard clone functionality in Jira only lets you clone the issue with (optionally) attachments, links or sub-tasks. For epics as an example, issues which are linked to the epic by the epic link or parent field can't be cloned together with the epic within the same clone process.

Epic Clone furthermore provides the possibility to configure the cloned issues. This includes cloning into a different project. Cloning from company-managed- to team-managed-projects and vice versa is also possible. The following issue attributes can be changed:

Parent Issue:

  • Target Project (also all child issues will be cloned to that project)

  • Summary

  • Epic Name (for company-managed projects only)

  • Find and replace in description field

  • Decide whether to clone attachments or not

  • Decide whether to clone parent link or not (only available on Premium or Enterprise plans)

  • Assign to me (only parent or all issues)

  • Label(s) (select from existing labels or create new labels)

  • Component(s) (for company-managed projects only)

  • Fix Version(s) (for company-managed projects only)

  • Due date

  • Original Estimate

Child Issues and sub-tasks of child issues:

  • Separately decide which issue to clone and which not

  • Decide whether to clone attachments or not

  • Summary

  • Original Estimate

  • Due date

  • Story Points (for Story issue type only)

Linked Issues - parent:

  • Clone links only or linked issues

  • Separately decide which links / linked issues to clone and which not

Linked Issues - child issues:

  • Clone external links or recreate internal links after cloning (see here for details)

  • Separately decide which links to clone and which not

How can Epic Clone be used?

After installation of the app you will see an additional entry in the issue actions (three dots in the top right corner). It is called "Clone with child issues".

If you click on that entry, the clone configuration will open.

Details about the clone configuration are explained here: Where to find Epic Clone?

What can Epic Clone be used for?

The app might be interesting for you especially if you have template issues you want to reuse. The cross-project clone functionality allows to set up template issues in a template project and copy them to productive projects whenever it is necessary.

Imagine you are working in a software development company and have some modules you need in every single software you write.

For those modules the different stories may be similar for every project. It would save you a lot of work for creation and structuring of those issues if you would have them in a template epic which you can easily clone with all issues in one go whenever it is necessary.

At the beginning of each project you could create the structure with epics and issues a lot faster. With epic Clone you can copy the template epics and issues easily to your new project in one action for each epic. Compared to the manual setup of a new project this will save you a lot of time and you can focus on the really important topics!

Access settings for Jira administrators

With the latest update we introduced a global app settings page in the Jira system administration. Jira administrators can limit access to Epic Clone to certain projects or user groups. If you only want the app to be used in template projects, for instance, you can limit Epic Clone to those projects. Users won’t be able to use the app on other projects than those specified on the app settings page.

You also might want to limit access to internal users only, so external users in your instance shouldn’t be able to use the app. This can easily be set by selecting only groups with internal users on the app settings page.

For more details on the app settings, see App settings

If you experience a bug in the app, if you have an idea for improvement or if you have another topic you want to talk about, feel free to visit our service management or contact us via

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